Monday, January 23, 2012

Watermark Your Photos No Trials Needed

I have been searching the net for a free software that can make a watermark on photos.  The top searches gave me a bunch of software that only good for a couple of days.  After all the searches I done with the friendly Google, I found a free software, yes a really free software, not the ones that you can only used for a short time.  So what's the freeware?  You'll find out after the break.

The freeware is called Fast Image (JPG) Resizer for Java. An open-source software that can run on Linux, Mac or Windows as long as you have java run-time installed.  No need to install the software, you just unzipped the file and run the execution file.  The software is very easy to use.  Not only the FIR4J (acronym of the software) can watermarked batch or single photo, it can also resize pictures (well as the title of the software suggests :D).

The only disadvantage of this freeware is that the only supported format (for now I think) is JPEG.  So if you want to try the software, read more about it and see some screenshots, you may go here.  If you're using a better freeware then feel free to tell us in the comment below.  Hope this helps. 


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