Thursday, June 14, 2012

My Alternative Ipod Touch: LG-LU3700

For a while, I longed to have a portable media player (PMP).  I have my eyes on different models but the iPod touch stood the crowd.  But due to my budget limit, I end up buying a second hand android phone.  The picture above is the LG-LU3700, a Korean-only phone.  It's specs is similar to LG Optimus One (P500) but the difference is that the LU3700 is a CDMA phone so it can't be used to call and text in a GSM network.  That's the only feature of the phone that you can't use directly however there's a device called Gmate that will allow you to call and text to a GSM network.  But I have a GSM phone already so I used this phone just for playing music, video and casual gaming.  

Like I said earlier, the phone is similar to LG-P500 so it runs an Android OS.  I'm able to update the phone from version 2.2 to 2.3.4 by using the update software from LG website (using LG-P500 as the search device).  I tried to root the phone in different methods but to no avail.   I'm still happy with this phone because I can still install different apps.  Stay tuned for my upcoming posts regarding android apps that I used.


  1. my phone stuck in logo, when i flash recovery with rom manager.. how to fix it ?? i need your advice .. thanks...

    1. You may try to remove the battery for a minute and turn it on again. That solve my problem. If it doesn't work then try to go to any forum and asked for help.

  2. hello mga pusa... pakisabi nga sa amo nyong si Virgo na may award sya dito...

    at sana naman sagutin nya yan :P

  3. some1 cheated ma friend by selling this phone which is in korean fully with google account login... is ther any possibility to remove the login and changing language????

  4. how to perform hard reset in this mobile??