Monday, July 2, 2012

First Award

The first award given to this blog.  I thank Balut of Balut Manila for giving this award.  And here's my seven random things about me:

1.  My height is 5 feet 5 inches.
2.  I'm currently working in a Telecommunications company.
3.  I started blogging last year.
4.  The main reason why I started blogging is because I want to earn extra.
5.  Currently, I'm in a relationship with a beautiful lady (hehe)
6.  I support healthy living lifestyle - fitness, diet etc.
7.  This blog is my third and latest that I created.

Now that I answered seven random things about me, I will now award this badge to one of my co-bloggers.

Below are the rules.
  1. Thank the blogger who gave you this award.  Don’t forget to link his/her blog.
  2. Post seven random things about you.
  3. Give the award to other bloggers as many as you can and let them know you gave them this award.

And that's it, my very first award for this blog.  Happy blogging.


  1. Yey sa wakas! at talaga namang kasama pa ang mga pusang love ko :) Random talaga yung seven gusto kong maki-sagot ha..
    1. kayapala pantay lang tayo sa pic he he
    2. may bakante ba dyan? pa-apply naman :P
    3. you're like a pro, you deserved this award (naks!)
    4. good reason
    5. swerte mo naman
    6. obvious naman, you look fit & healthy ;) :P
    7. nice blog, nice cats!

    Seriously, THANK YOU my friend for replying to this award/tag (may isa ka pang utang :)

    MORE POWER to your blogs kapatid!

  2. wohoho! galing tol... salamat sa pagpili, hehe first award ko to.. talagang maraming salamat...walang hanggang sapakan tol.. hehehe .. God bless... mwah! . . .

  3. I just happened to pass by and saw my name here! Thanks much for recognizing me in the blogosphere.

    Good luck to you and may u soon find your real reasons for blogging. Don't lose hope. I will be on my second year of blogging come October and I would say, It's very fruitful. I only start to earn to my satisfaction after almost a year, so just keep on going. Now, I'm quite satisfied with my earnings. Good Luck!

  4. pare galing mo ah sana magkaganyan dn ako excgange link tau OPM SONG po e2 link ko

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